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The Walking Dead S3E14 ‘Prey’ Recap


The Governor chases a dissenter who fled Woodbury. While the Governor is gone, a traitor tries to sabotage his upcoming plans.

Who’s batshit crazy? The Gov is batshit crazy. Finally exhibiting more external evidence of his evil mind and black heart, Phillip was firing on all crazy fronts tonight. With past episodes being character or group-centric, tonight was all about Phillip and everything on the Woodbury side of things. Depending how much you care about Andrea, Prey was effectively tense. Milton’s willingness to go along with all things Phillip is slowly, predictably slipping. Add Tyreese and his groups reluctance to help Phillip engage in a sickly planned frontal attack against the prison, and Phillip suddenly has some painful dissent on his hands.

Ultimately, Phillip and Andrea’s game of cat and mouse sold me on the episode. Andrea (Laurie Holden) is fantastic at her character’s physical demands. I loved the scene of her taking out the three zombies like a Ninja while Phillip peered around corners for his prey. She turned the tables on him and he nearly perished to the outstretched hands of his own walkers. Andrea makes it all the way to the prison and she’s starting to wave at Rick when Phillip takes her down from behind.

The episode ended Andrea tied and bound to Phillip’s new Michonne-inspired torture chair. With only two episodes left, shit is about to get all kinds of real.Tyreese and his crew are obviously about to shift focuses, possibly in the heat of the impending prison war. I think Tyreese will deal with Allen before all is said and done. I also think Rick (especially) is going to be fighting like a crazed animal based on the trauma he’s endured. I don’t think the cast is going to make it out without at least one good guy casualty, but I also don’t see Phillip or his main thugs living much longer. Great episode.

A little Michonne origin story goes a long way, eh?



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1 Comment on The Walking Dead S3E14 ‘Prey’ Recap

  1. I actually saw a personality from Tyreese, however brief it was there 😀

    The bit where the governor gets Andrea near the end wow that was good, I thought she’d get killed by a walker trying to get to the fence 😀

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