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Founders ‘All Day IPA Session Ale” Beer Review


Brewed by Founders Brewing Company


Style: American Imperial IPA

4.70% ABV

Serve at 45-50°

Availability: Year-round

Enjoyed from a pint glass

A: Pours a clear gold-orange  with an inch of off-white head. Not much lacing, but a nice level of retention.

S: Overwhelming pungent hops. Pine, ripe tropical fruits with orange rind and grapefruit providing some nice citrusy hops.

T: Resinous pine and tropical fruit, very crisp but misses the mark with the lack of a malty, caramel backbone.

M: Light-bodied, light, but still crisp and drinkable.

O: This would be a fantastic IPA to drink lots of on a hot sunny summer day. If you’re working outside, or just sitting around waiting for Phish to go on, this is the perfect ice cold beer to pull out of the bottom of a cooler. With that said, most hop heads (myself included) won’t stock this 24/7. A good IPA, but it knows its limitations. It’s still better than any other low abv or mass-produced IPA on the market.

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