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The Walking Dead S3E13 ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’ Recap


In an effort to prevent any more deaths, Rick and the Governor meet to come up with a peace treaty.

Tonight was all about what lurks in the heart of men. I think Phillip might need a few extra chambers because his heart is already booked up. Rick and Phillip met face to face in tonight’s episode Arrow on the Doorpost. Rick is back with a clear head, a welcome change from his post-Lori fallout. The two men learned a little about each other tonight, showing the viewer that while they have things in common, motivation and perspective are wholly subjective. The Governor is willing to let Rick and his prison group be if he’s willing to give up Michonne. As soon as I uttered “Yeah, right”, Phillip is already telling Milton that the prison group will eventually need to be dealt with. It looks like even loyal Milton sees the cracks exposing an inner blackness in his reluctant leader. In the episode’s last moments, Rick makes his thoughts known to the group. He means to fight. What does this mean to Andrea? Is she leaning back toward her old friends?

Tonight was a night of relationships. Glenn and Maggie finally got back to a good place…then promptly took their pants off and found and even better place. Glenn needs to lock that down. Daryl meets one of The Governor’s thugs, Martinez, while they wait for Rick and Phillip’s closed-door meeting to end. After a small walker brawl, the two men witness each others skill and common ground. Personal info is exchanged and the pissing contest ends. The calm before the storm as they wonder if they’re going to end up killing each other. Hershel and Milton made for some odd friends as well. The two good-natured men found the other to be warm in a similar way. The factions found reasons to not hate their unknown enemies while their leaders traveled the opposite route. We all know war is the only answer and it’s a mere three episodes away from wrapping up.

The episode ends with Rick telling Hershel that he was given the option to turn Michonne over in order to avoid the impending war. Hershel is quick to note she earned her keep and Rick acknowledges it to be the truth. Rick asks Hershel if he is willing to sacrifice his daughters for Michonne’s safety.

“Are you willing to sacrifice your daughters’ lives for her?” Rick asks.

“Why are you telling me?” Hershel asks.

“Because I’m hoping you can talk me out of it.”

And that’s the end of it for tonight. I think it’s safe to assume Rick isn’t going to spend much time on what the right thing to do is. While the show has stressed how Rick is trimming the fat and not taking on any new responsibility for the lives around him, he ultimately is a good guy at his core. The recent revelations with Phillip continue to paint him as Rick’s polar opposite, a true enemy, and just what we needed this season to contrast the safety of the prison. This season has been a slow burn, but the wick is hissing and sparking down the last critical inches before the powder keg explodes. We have to consider the possibilities for the last three episodes: are we presuming Andrea and Tyrese’s group will defect to Rick’s side in mid-battle once they see Phillip’s true motivations? The prison gang with Andrea and Tyrese could make for an intense climax to this insane season. Great episode and a true defining moment for many of the show’s characters.

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  1. I hope he doesn’t give up Michonne because I would lose respect for the character right away. But I understand the difficult choice if that’s all that last scene meant 😀

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