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“Psycho” Was Supposed to be a Comedy?


One man’s comedy is one man’s Two and a Half Men I suppose. Comedy, much like horror is completely subjective, but how many of us were anything but terrified at Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror classic, Psycho? Daily Mail reports that Hitchcock intended his masterpiece of cross-dressing murder to be viewed as a “tongue-and-cheek” film. Makes sense. Now that I think about it, I can barely distinguish it from Airplane or Caddyshack. Nothing makes me laugh like a transvestite (wearing his dead mother’s clothes) killing naked women in the shower.

A 1964 interview with Hitchcock was recently unearthed in the BBC archives, and he claims “I was horrified people took it seriously.” The film was based on the 1959 Robert Bloch novel, Psycho, which was inspired by Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein. On the English television show Monitor, dear Alfred explains:

“I once made a movie, rather tongue-in-cheek, called Psycho.The content was, I felt, rather amusing and it was a big joke. I was horrified to find some people took it seriously. It was intended to make people scream and yell and so forth – but no more than screaming and yelling on a switchback railway (a rollercoaster). I’m possibly in some respects the man who says in constructing it, ‘how steep can we make the first dip? If you make the dip too deep, the screams will continue as the car goes over the edge and destroys everyone.Therefore you mustn’t go too far because you do want them to get off the switchback railway, giggling with pleasure.”

That’s our horror lesson for the day, kids. Make sure to come back when we announce The Exorcist was an allegory for getting your first period.

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3 Comments on “Psycho” Was Supposed to be a Comedy?

  1. Makes me feel better having laughed the whole way through the film 😀

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