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Archer S4E1 “Fugue and Riffs” Review



Thursday just became cool again! Welcome back, Duchess! Oh, how we’ve missed you. The last time we saw the beloved ISIS, they were up to their asses in space station trauma initiated by Bionic Barry. Season four isn’t messing around, opening the premiere episode with authority…and amnesia. If you’re a fan of the Fox series Bob’s Burger’s, then Fugue and Riffs completely mind effed you, as it did me. It was awesome to hear how subtly different Bob and Sterling are when it comes to Benjamin’s voice acting. Being a fan of both shows, I was cheering to see it all come together.

Bob Belcher is an average slob who runs a family burger joint – of course, his family is a hot mess, utilizing the voice talents of Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords, 30 Rock) as Bob’s outspoken daughter, Louise. It was a shame to get only one Bob’s Burgers’ voice actor besides Jon, but it was cool nonetheless just see the family drawn in Archer’s signature style.

Bob is having a typical day at the restaurant when a gang of KGB thugs show up unannounced. When the shit hits the fan, “Bob” snaps into Jason Bourne mode and makes a bloody mess. The missing Sterling Archer has been serving the If-Looks-Could-Kale Burger as a sleeper agent. You’ll be happy to know there’s a good reason for Archer’s current memory loss that caused him to become a short-order cook.

The rest of the episode was hilarious, but overshadowed by the series-swapping intro. Some things never change on Archer, including Lana having to cover her huge boobs with whatever is “handy”. Other highlights include Cheryl on a hallucinogenic gummy bear trip for the ages, newly married Mallory, and a host of running gags – many at Pam’s expense. Archer is untouchable when it’s firing on all cylinders and I’m thrilled for the new season. You can count on a fresh (but not entirely spoiled) Fister Roboto review each week during season four. Maybe we’ll even see our favorite namesake sexbot in the near future.

Also, more Krieger!

Kudos to the writers for the SHAZAM! and Billy Batson reference!


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3 Comments on Archer S4E1 “Fugue and Riffs” Review

  1. Just watched it, Fantastic 😀

    The cross over and A history of violence skit was brilliant, love both of those shows and really made me laugh 😀

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