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Stephen King Delivers Spoilers and Movtivations for “Doctor Sleep”


The prolific and twisted Stephen King sat down with EW for their 2013 Previews issue. The topic: Doctor Sleep, the forthcoming sequel to King’s iconic 1977 novel, The Shining. Fortunately, King didn’t make us wait very long for information surrounding his unexpected sequel, but there was little known about the book’s inspiration.

The other thing people would ask me is ‘How come [his dad] Jack Torrance never tried AA?’ Because he was this total dry drunk in the book who never goes near a meeting. When the [sequel] idea would pop up in my mind I would think, ‘Now Danny’s 20, or now he’s 25. I wonder if he’s drinking like his father?’ Finally I decided, ‘Okay, why don’t I use that in the story and just revisit the whole issue?’ Like father, like son.

He was eventually asked about some of the stranger Dr. Sleep story speculation. The author had some major spoilers to reveal.

I had a chance to return things to the New England setting that I know, but I did go back to Colorado and looked around and said, ‘I’ve got to try to bring this back around to where the original book was.’ Everything should come home again. So there is actually a climax in-let’s put it this way-an area people will remember.

Wrapping it up, “I’m not sure if this is going to be a problem for readers or now, but “Doctor Sleep” is a sequel to the novel. It’s not a sequel to the Kubrick film. At the end of the film, the Overlook is still there. It just kind of freezes. But at the end of the book, it burns down.

Doctor Sleep, King’s 51st novel, is scheduled for release on September 24th.

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  1. Super exciting news!!!

  2. I look forward to these developments

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