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The Craft Beer/Earth Rocker Interview with CLUTCH!


I’ll be honest with y’all – I was nervous as hell Friday before the interview. How often do you get a chance to sit down and talk music with one of your favorite bands? It was with the utmost pleasure that I sat down with Jean-Paul Gaster, the road-tested drummer behind Clutch, to discuss the state of craft beer (Clutch are huge fans) and the upcoming studio album, Earth Rocker. Parallels are drawn between terrible, flavorless beer, and terrible, flavorless music, even managing to get a Nickelback barb in there.

I’m obviously a huge fan of craft beer and heavy music, so this ended up being the easiest meeting ever. The sit down interview lasted about 15 minutes, recorded promptly after the sound check, so sorry about all the clinking beer bottles. I was content to sit through the soundcheck while Clutch went through new material as well as The Regulator, which many fans remember from the second season of The Walking Dead. Clutch are some of the hardest working musicians in the world, one of my favorite bands ever, and it was my pleasure to speak with JP for a few minutes. Follow the link below for the interview.

Clutch Jean_Paul Interview

Clutch are on the road supporting their forthcoming album, Earth Rocker. Please take a moment to see if they’re going to be in your neck of the woods and prepare to have your mind blown.

Clutch – Official Site

Twitter @clutchofficial


Thanks to Chad and everyone at Buster’s for being their usual awesome hosts!








Myself and Jean-Paul after the interview.

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