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“The Legend of Luther Strode” #1 Comic Book Review


Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Tradd Moore

Colors by Felipe Sobreiro


Imagine what it would take. Imagine if all you had in life was death. Imagine what you would become.”

Fuck yeah! Back for six more issues in a new story arc, our tragic hero returns as a feared legend, When we last saw Luther he was initiating his own murder, and you all know how well that worked out. Five years later, now a towering monolith, Strode lives simply to carry out his part on Earth. His strange talents are abundantly developed, bringing the hero away from humble origins and into a dark and ultra-violent era. Someone call Frank Miller.

Luther is single-minded. Evil is always here and he’ll fight it until he can’t. The last five years have taken a toll on Strode and it’s obvious. While his friends and family are gone, the extreme violence remains, cementing the legend in its rightful place. Fists are rammed through heads, beating hearts are ripped out, carnage begets carnage. Moore’s kill scenes have a certain visceral appeal beyond the mere violence and blood; these are the brutal murders we’ve always wanted in a comic about a real hero. I’m gushing, I know.

The massive Strode needs a villain befitting of his talents, and Jordan has it mapped out. Luther’s literally a legend now, the kind you only see right before you die. A crime lord assembles a large group of thugs together in a data gathering trap/experiment. Strode arrives in dramatic fashion and levels the place. Heads roll, bodies pile, blood flows. No one survives and that’s the information the new big bad needs. Call in the two specialty killers to size up Strode from afar and we have a new story, kids.

The Legend of Luther Strode picks up without missing a beat, easily dominating the current Image lineup and keeping fans titillated once again. I’m excited to see where life takes young Strode. I’ll have you know that I skipped many “legendary” puns. You’re welcome.

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