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MEGAN FOX NAKED! (Also, Tell Me if You Like the New Site Layout)


There’s ten bazillion blogs out there, all screaming for attention; and the look of a blog helps me decide in seconds if I’m sticking around or not. If you’re one of my seven regular readers, you probably noticed the place has changed. Please take a moment to tell me how you like the new look.

We’re now white text on a dark background, before it was black text on white. The world claims white on black is the easiest on your peepers.

The site has changed to more of a photo friendly blog, allowing you to hover your cursor over photos to see the article title. Most photos and videos are larger with this new premium template. Bigger isn’t better for everyone I post. πŸ˜‰

A lot of extraneous clutter is gone. I’m trying to streamline this mofo.

Occasional video reviews: yes or HELL no?

All in all, what do you think? You’re the people actually reading it. Give me some pointers and I’ll respond with some smartass comment like “Oh, thanks soooo much. Your input is so essential, dick.” And who doesn’t appreciate that, Tell me, better or worse?



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10 Comments on MEGAN FOX NAKED! (Also, Tell Me if You Like the New Site Layout)

  1. I like the white on black. I almost didn’t click on this because of “Megan Fox Naked” though – she so doesn’t do it for me. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m feeling it. Like, with my hands. In an inappropriate fashion.

  3. I like the videos you find, it saves me from searching youtube to find them myself. So I say ‘yes’ to the vids!

  4. I didn’t even notice you changed it so I am probably not going to be helpful haha πŸ˜€
    I do prefer white on black haha xD Told you I wouldn’t be helpful.

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