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Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Clutch ‘Earth Rocker’

March 2013 suddenly sounds so far away doesn’t it? Titled Earth Rocker, the tenth record from Maryland’s unfettered earthen rockers has the community in a frenzy while we await the winter tour. I cheered yesterday when I learned our local favorite, Buster’s, was hosting the band on December 28th. It’s a new tour, it’s in my town, and I just found out I’ll be interviewing Clutch the day of the show. Talking craft brews with Clutch sounds like a really good time to me. I apologize if this video is down by now. It’s been up a month. There were a few videos of last night’s super secret performance at the Machine Shop in Belleville, NJ posted today, but most were quickly removed. The shadowed set was in celebration of the new recording that we’re already obsessing over. I have to mention how cool this main riff is. Clutch never fail to create uniquely independent albums, each showcasing its own personality and vibe while drifting within the familiar parameters. Love it.

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2 Comments on Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Clutch ‘Earth Rocker’

  1. UGH CLUTCH IS THE BEST. Saw them a couple of times, one in particular where Murder By Death opened for them at the Starland Ballroom. Does it get any better?

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