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American Horror Story: Asylum 2.05 “I Am Anne Frank Pt. 2” Recap


I never saw this coming. I blame the show’s never-ending misdirection and bad ass acting. Last week we we’re getting closer and closer to Dr. Thredson aiding Lana and Kit in ultimately helping their respective positions. He planned on taking them both through an attempt at therapy if nothing else. Hey, it all looks good on paper, right? The viewer was left wondering if Thredson actually believed Kit, only taking him through the therapy as a last-ditch effort to get a confession. He promised Lana he could get her out of the asylum, helping her receive a Pulitzer for her personal story of trauma at Briarcliff. Tonight he convinced Kit to confess his “crime” on tape, and who wouldn’t. Given the choice between execution or life, who’s to say we wouldn’t admit to it as well. I can’t image 1964’s death penalty was a refined process. Not that Briarcliff is by any stretch.

Successfully sneaking Lana out, he takes her to his swank 60’s pad and welcomes her with warmth. I think we all had a moment of striking clarity upon Lana’s arrival. Mine was when I reached for the remote and paused on the shot of the unusual lamp in Thredson’s living room. Specifically, it was the nipples on the lamp that gave me pause. Clear to Lana as well, she excuses herself to the restroom, desperately seeking an escape at every turn. She takes a wrong turn into a room full of surgical and upholstery instruments, including skeletons on the wall. Queue button-activated trap door and we see Lana fall to the basement. Upon her reluctant slap back to consciousness, she sees Wendy laying across the floor from her. Too bad she’s still frozen from a short stay in Thredson’s deep freeze. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our Bloodyface. Thredson dons the horrific mask and the truth comes out. Holy shit. Excellent work AHS. Now, how does this asshole make it to the 21st century?

“Anne” turns out to not be Anne, or is she? You be the judge. Her husband arrives at Briarcliff and asks for her to be released. Never mind that she just shot a doctor, this is the 60’s, so his request trumps the asylum. Explained to be suffering from postpartum depression, “Anne” saw The Diary of Anne Frank play recently and started obsessing over the young girl’s life. They were the same age after all. Hmmm. She’s released by the newly empathetic Sister Jude and off she goes. This doesn’t sit well with Arden or his new cane. Assuring Jude that he’s pressing charges against her for letting a psychotic leave after an act of violence, Sister Jude enters into her most feverish prayer to date on the show. Luckily, “Anne” is back to her home at Briarcliff and Arden’s skilled lobotomy gets the husband’s sad approval.

We learn that Shelly was whisked away by Satan Rabe, dumping her mutated body at the best possible location for the least amount of trauma – a stairwell at an elementary school. “IT’S A MONSTER!!” No shit, it’s a monster. Satan Rabe tells Arden they can boot Jude an accomplish great things there. A mutual trust is seemingly implied. I know, hard to tell when it’s between Satan and a SS Officer. Or is he? Or is he not? Wait, or is he? I refer to my first “Hmmm”.

The cops show and take Kit away. Turns out a taped confession to a doctor will do that in most cases of murder. Oh, Dr. Thredson, you fooled me, my friend.

Grace expects her surgical procedure to be a morning away and screams herself to sleep. Being AHS, no one really sleeps. A familiar bright light floods under the door of her cell and the whole room rumbles. So, there are aliens again at the first sign of extreme trauma and fear from Grace. Real or harbingers of terror?

In the episode’s final scenes, Thredson suggests Lana give Wendy a cold-lipped kiss and then dons the mask, fresh with Wendy’s teeth. “Give her a kiss…she can’t bite…I took her teeth.” Howling scream….and scene!

Newly lobotomized “Anne” is now a perfect mom and wife, cooking dinner, playing upbeat records, and tending to the baby. Of course she wasn’t Anne Frank, that would be crazy. The camera zooms in on a photo of Auschwitz and the good Dr. Arden/Hans is present in the shot. Holy shit.

I have to once again gush at the level of overall talent involved in AHS. I’ll bet even the gopher and catering are tier one. Who’s that boom mic operator? What genius technique. Briarcliff remains its own character, casting light down its dark corridors and oppressive structure. I’m floored once again and can’t think about going a whole week to dig deeper. Arden and Jude are coming to an impasse very quickly, and with Jude’s newly discovered faith, I have the feeling she’s going to gain an incredible amount of strength down her empowering path. Tonight’s episode sticks with reoccurring themes. The color red is back, as is the position of power men have over women. Full of both literal and symbolic proof, my favorite was seeing Sister Satan kneeling before Arden, nursing his wound with his pants around his knees. AHS is king.

Where the hell is Pepper?

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20 Comments on American Horror Story: Asylum 2.05 “I Am Anne Frank Pt. 2” Recap

  1. I did see it coming… Dr Thredson told Lana he had been to her house and gotten the picture of Wendy (for her ‘therapy”) there, and we already knew Bloodyface had been there not Dr Thredson. As far as knowing it at his bachelor’s pad think Ed Gein, he actually in real life had a bloodyface mask and lamps made of human skin, as well as the mint dish which was actually a human skull cap…..but also think of Hitler & the Nazis who had skin lamps and ashtrays made from human skullcaps. I bring this reference in because ***SPOILER ALERT*** I believe whether or not she was Anne Frank her story either because its true or because of her fascination she stumbled upon the truth thru pictures stories etc……that since we already know Hans Grouber is real, I believe the part she told us of the twin boys was real too!!! Because the twin boys are Quinto & Fiennes (Dr Thredson & The Monsignor). This is why Fiennes protects Dr Arden, and why Dr Thredson is fascinated with skin lamps & skullcap mint dishes :)!!! That’s my working theory anyway……

    As far as Grace goes she was saying that Kit did not kill his wife Alma, because she saw her, that is important, because she is also a patient/inmate at Briarcliff. As far as the aliens go, I am torn. Either they really are aliens, it’s some govt. experiment, or a govt./alien conspiracy. Dr. Arden didn’t seem that surprised by the chip spider that ran away, so I feel he must have at least some idea what is going on. As far as the creatures go…..I am a little thrown here. Either they are a continuation of the horrific experimentations the nazi dr’s did on human subjects, or maybe his attempt at trying to create the perfect soldier, or some type of immortality/monster/or for himself if he can ever make it work right. I feel like this ( the formula) is the key to how Bloodyface is still alive to this day. I feel like the twins are extensions of Arden/Grouber’s internal conflict, the monsignor being his religious conscience & Bloodyface his unadulterated killer set free. I have no idea what Sister Satan has to do with this yet, other than when you make a deal with the devil there is always a price to pay………..

    • I thought we did see Thredson show up at her apartment and find it empty. I figured it was him as soon as he started talking about getting Lana out of there, something just seemed off about it. Either way though, that’s an interesting theory about the twins, but I’m not convinced that Thredson is one of them. He and Arden certainly don’t seem to be working towards any common goals, though now I can’t remember seeing them on screen together…

      And while they certainly imply that Franka Potente (who is fucking awesome) is not Anne Frank, I thought it woulda been more fun if she were.

      • I should’ve picked up on this, Horror fail. Potente is a phenom for sure, I’m curious about this twin thing big time.

        It certainly seems that Charlotte isn’t really Anne, but Arden is probably a blood type tattoo away from being outed. The alien thing is driving me nuts. This show would suck if it was easy to call.

      • Lol~I know right, we haven’t seen Arden & Thredson together if I remember correctly as well. Kind of interesting as he was the only other supposed Dr. at the asylum. If my twin theory is proved to be correct, then that will mean she was Anne Frank, otherwise how else would she have seen or known about the twins he took to supposedly “help”???

      • I agree; Thredson said he tried calling Wendy to check on her and went to the house, finding it unlocked and empty, but while the scene showed signs of Bloodyface’s trademark style the police were so engrossed thinking they had already captured Bloodyface in Kit that they weren’t willing to entertain they hadn’t. If they actually showed footage I’m going to venture it’s as unreliable as any other flashback sequence information we’re shown. It was in Nor’Easter.

        The Thredson/Monseigneur theory is an interesting one, but I’m more curious about Thredson’s backstory as hinted at by the Demon/devil during the exorcism scene. I think it said something like, “They didn’t want you.” Who is they? Women? Some spurning college girlfriends that made his brain snap and turned him into a lady-skinning psycho? His parents? A lack of love and warmth as a child turning him into a sociopath?

  2. Excellent comprehensive comment! I think you could be right on all fronts. I wasn’t worried for Lana until they actually got to his home, then it became glaring. What about him telling the security guard that he never “really” worked there? Boom.

    • Thank you :)!!! Yes, that was a critical point when he told the security guard he never really worked there! I may be way off base, but I don’t think Lana is in any immediate danger, in that I believe (as much as you can trust a seriel killer) he is “dead” serious about wanting her to write his story. He tricked her into thinking she would be writing a Pulitzer for exposing Briarcliff, but what he was really interviewing her for was a starring role as his own personal biographer. So maybe he did or maybe he never really did work for Briarcliff, but he definitely had 2 objectives there to create a secure fall guy for his crimes to date, and to secure a writer of his biography. Well played Dr Thredson/Bloodyface :)!!! I think as sick as he really is, he is lonely and wants to share his world with her (every sick & demented detail of it), and in order to do that to its full extent he must “cure” her thru therapy as warped and sick as it is. Remember when he said by now I would have already removed the skin & the head, but I saved her for “our” mutual purpose. So, he isn’t going to be killing her anytime soon, if at all, because he wants to share his world with her. I am hoping as he opens up to her we will start to hear of his past, which I believe will incorporate both Hans/Arden & the Monsignor (his twin brother). But in the end if after being “cured” and writing his biography doesn’t kill her, it may indeed drive her crazy, this time for real………

      • Well said, and thought out. I agree there, I think Lana will “live”…but how broken. Something has obviously catapulted a Bloodyface into 2012 Briarcliff.

    • Noted that as well. Begs the question of whether he was really sent by the courts to evaluate Kit, or whether he just wanted to set up his frame job.

  3. Oh I almost forgot we also have the comment that Satan made to Dr Thredson before he went into Sister Satan, while he was still inside the boy, he said to Thredson, “You should have let him go……” hmm…… for thought.

  4. Holy crap… That twin theory above is crazy. How perfectly it would tie in all the evil doers at Briarcliff!
    That was such a great episode. Why must we wait a whole week for more?
    I do have one nagging question: Why do aliens show up every time Kit has sex?!? LOL

    • More “probing” questions….

      • *rimshot*
        Maybe the aliens are also trying to make a “Murder baby” because Alma looked sorta knocked up when Grace saw her, amirite?

      • It’s possible. The rub for me is trying to connect what Arden and the Monsignor are up to, and how the woodland creatures and the aliens tie together. This show doesn’t adhere to typical standards and that’s where Murphy and Falchuk get us. I never expected everyone to die last season, but when Ben was killed, it became clear that happy endings are up for debate within the AHS world.

        I can’t help but feel that Kit, if not Kit and Grace are part of the potential triumph that Sister Jude might pull off. See, more questions fissionerror. I’m Nate btw.

        Does Lana’s big story involve BF? Does Thredson play a part in what Arden and Monsignor are up to? Immortal monsters? Did Satan Mary Eunice drop Shelly at a school to disclose Arden’s work to the police? Man, this season is …murder.

      • Actually Ben dying was a happy ending as far as horror stories go :), he was finally reuinited with his wife, daughter, and baby and they were a much happier family dead, than they had ever been alive as twisted as that seems. That is what I love about AHS, they see it thru from all sides and nothing is off limits are too far fetched. I noticed Alma was pregnant or it appeared that way……Grace could also have been pregnant, maybe the aliens are taking babies/fetus’s? But Alma is an inmate at the asylum we should see that soon. Nate you and I are thinking along the same lines and it seems like those are the parallels that need to be drawn to make this web seem interconnected in some way, anyway that allows horrifically logical minds to connect what is otherwise an all over the place hot mess right now :)!!!

      • That was my point, that while they were happier dead, they all had to die to achieve the family love. What a show. Not a typical “happy” ending!

      • If everyone would have listed to Adelaide, they would have known they were doomed!

        Monsters, serial killers, Satan, aliens, war crimes….they aren’t holding back! Fire up the conspiracy cannons!

  5. I have to wonder if they were twins under Arden/Hans’s care during the Nazi era if both Thredson & the Monsignor also have those blood type tatoos??? That will remain to be seen if my theory proves to be true……

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