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Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Baroness “Jake Leg”

Article by FisterRoboto of

Art by Baroness’ John Baizely

I feel sorry for any metal fan not taking advantage of Baroness. They’re one of the most unusual and perfect bands to come along in 20 years. If the double guitar lines and non-metal chords didn’t convince you, well, you may as well stick to whatever you’re presently calling metal. I posted a few more songs to showcase this band’s amazing range and metal soul. Enjoy.

Steal has some evil ass lyrics and they strike a chord with me.

Steel that sleeps with the morningstar
Would that I could sin once more Blades will sing over stone and field
That their song might grace our fall

Pallid limbs in the raven’s thrall
Fracture sulphur honey skin

Waves are screaming abraxan hymns
So that shoreline virgins cry

Reel in place
‘Til the bastards take me away
Sober taste of the eyes

Take this on an empty stomach, waiting for the spring come around….

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