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Happy Halloween from All the Ghouls at Left Hand Horror!

Happy Halloween, guys! Thanks so much for making this Left Hand Horror’s busiest month thus far. I’ve had such a great time watching and reviewing all of these trashy and classy horror films, interviewing and featuring guest writers, and drawing on my old Midwestern Samhain roots. I appreciate all the support from the guys at and Henry at – we have a good thing going here and it’s only going to get better. So, again, thank you.

Carve your Jack O’ Lanterns tonight (don’t blow then out before midnight!), queue up the horror movie marathons, pass out candy to your local ghouls and goblins, and enjoy a fine beverage from the warmth of your couch. Tomorrow is just another gloomy fall day and the start of November. Funny how this impending November day washes away the haunted spirits for one more year. Halloween may be over for 2012, but horror and general geekery persists – and so shall I.

Enjoy your haunted night, and thank you for being a part of this website.


Nate aka, Fister Roboto

PS, Halloween isn’t over at Left Hand Horror until a fresh recap of American Horror Story: Asylum is up. Now, that’s how you bid Halloween adieu.

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4 Comments on Happy Halloween from All the Ghouls at Left Hand Horror!

  1. Hope you had a SpOoKy Halloween yourself!!

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