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I Spill Your Guts (2012) Movie Review

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Written & Directed by James Balsamo

Starring: Billy Walsh, Carmine Capobianco,  James Balsamo, and Andrew W.K.

Two friends, Dennis and Joe, join the military together. While on a routine mission, the two are quickly surrounded by enemy fire. When Joe stands up in the line of fire to run, Dennis pushes him out of the way and takes a bullet in the throat. Dennis wakes up in hospital to find Joe rewarded as a hero. Joe told a lie and took all the glory, and Dennis was left as a mute from the accident. Dennis can’t talk, but actions speak louder than words. The two return home to N.Y. and now the war rages in the streets. Dennis wants revenge on Joe, so he will kill everyone close to him. One little lie will cost so many innocent lives.

A no budget horror flick about a betrayed soldier that comes back from near death to extract his due revenge. This throwback to old school New York trash films is served up full blast (literally) with equal amounts gore, death metal, nudity, and hilarious one-liners. Here’s a line I never expected from a horror flick: “I like the way you knit.” Filmed against the backdrop of New York City, this film is a 90 minute excuse to showcase vulgar and violent acts along with death metal. The film even pauses to give us hand-held footage of masked metal lords, Ghoul. The soundtrack features sheer brutality from the likes of Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, and Impetigo. Balsamo’s film caters to fans of death metal and horror – being a fan of both, and my former band toured with some of the bands on the soundtrack, I was sold.

I Spill Your Guts is a B movie classic right out of the gate. This is a film by people who obviously love death metal, bloody kills, boobs, and pro wrestling; it’s simplistic and effective. What’s not to enjoy? This isn’t The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but it is legit, and that’s worth a lot in this age of shitty carbon copy movies.

We’ll be doing some Q & A with the film’s creator, “Dennis”, himself, Mr. James Balsamo, in the very near future. Look for it.

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