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Bad Ass Gourds n’ Sh*t: Awesome Pumpkins & Jack O’ Lanterns

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Are you kidding me? Look at some of these intricately carved pumpkins from the world over. These people have my utmost respect. I buy that damn carving kit every year and suddenly begin hacking at my pumpkin like some old woman in the black and white portion of an infomercial. “Don’t have the strength or dexterity for all that constant arm movement?” This seasonal ritual of frustration and deeply rooted laziness always ends the same – I carve the jack o’ lantern from the credits segment of John Carpenter’s Halloween. Carve em if you got em.

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2 Comments on Bad Ass Gourds n’ Sh*t: Awesome Pumpkins & Jack O’ Lanterns

  1. Them Thar Gourds-n-Sh*t Are Pretty Amazing, Dude.
    I’d Show You The One I Made…
    …But It Just Has A Sh*t-Eating Grin And Looks Like Someone’s Late Grandmother’s Grandmother. (aka Not Too Cool) hehehe 😉

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