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Q & A with Fister Roboto’s/Left Hand Horror’s Sister Roboto

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Today we’re blessed with a Q & A session with our very own contributor, Sister Roboto, aka, Jennifer Ramsey. Jen’s the only good thing to come out of my employment with a signage company we affectionately refer to as Sign*A*Re-Re – we were lucky enough to cross paths and became instant friends. My wife loves her, so she passed the friendship tests with flying colors. Jen is part of my standing tradition to visit the very haunted Wilder, KY attraction known as Bobby Mackey’s Music World. In two weeks we’ll be undertaking our third annual trip and anticipating a good story for our fans and readers. Besides being a dear, dear friend that I love very much, Jen is a Fister Certified horror geek, and I was thrilled to add her to my list of contributors. I recently shook her down for some horror info between her Glamour Shots.

1. Horror has the rare ability to draw in people from all walks of life. When and why did it hook you?

I was born into the world of horror! Funny story.. from before I could walk, a family tradition on my father’s side has been what some people might find a bit odd for the holiday season. Let me try to paint the picture as I remember it. You’re gathered around the beautiful glowing lights of the Christmas tree with your entire family and the resonating smell of apple and pumpkin pie fills the air on Christmas eve.  All the kiddies are playing and the adults are sipping a beer and catching up on the year’s events. Seems normal right? Here comes good ole’ dad walking over to the now ancient ‘VCR’ and popping in a tape.  Everyone instantly knows what’s about to happen and the room’s attention is focused solely on that old, heavier than a Buick, box television. As the anticipation grows, the credits start rolling for none other than….. wait for it….. EVIL DEAD II, DEAD BY DAWN!!!  Still to this Christmas, 2012, we have honored this tradition. It didn’t matter what age you were or how scared you were of horror films, you sat and you watched it. For me, I believe this was a more pleasurable event than for most of the others in my family. This, however odd it may be, is one of my fondest and most vivid memories I have as a child.  This movie was a time for us to gather around as a family and literally laughed until we cried watching Bruce Campbell repeatedly chop his own hand off and fight the bloody forces of evil in a remote cabin in the woods. To this day Sam Raimi’s, ED2 is still my favorite horror flick of all times!  If you haven’t had the pleasure, don’t wait an instant longer!

2. Favorite horror movie or franchise?

Well, I’ve already told you my favorite movie, but my list of favorites continues to grow and grow. I am now a huge fan of all movies produced by Rob Zombie. The Devil’s Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses are rated in my top ten of all time. I also cannot wait for the highly anticipated ‘Lord’s of Salem’ (Zombie) coming out soon!  I’m a huge fan of Sherrie Moon Zombie! For 2012 I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying such movies as Joss Whedon’s, ‘Cabin in the Woods’, and Eduardo Sanchez’s, ‘Lovely Molly’, Ti West’s ‘The Innkeepers’, and Matt Reeve’s American remake, ‘Let Me In’ starring Chloë Grace Moretz.  As a horror enthusiast, it’s been fun to watch movies evolve throughout the decades. Obviously I’m in love with all the classics, the Halloween’s and Friday the 13th movies, original TX Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, original Amityville Horror, Trick-Or-Treat, and practically any good zombie movie ever made

may be negatively judged for this next comment, but I really enjoyed the Blair Witch Project.  You can’t tell me that movie didn’t have you looking behind the shower curtain that night.

3. How do modern horror films compare to the originals in your opinion?

Modern horror films are just above mediocre at best in my opinion compared to the originals.  I definitely prefer the older films because there always seemed to be more focus on the evil or the villain in the story rather than the focus now on special effects and all of the computer generated imagery. Everything now is so ‘shock factor’ and bizarre.  What about a good old-fashioned scary movie where the acting and creepy setting is enough to scare the pants off of you!?  Take ‘The Exorcist’ for instance, painstaking effort was placed to make Linda Blair appear to be the most grotesque version of herself possible with the natural use of stage makeup.  Scary as hell! Another one that hones in more on the character’s natural scariness rather than special effects is the black and white, ‘Night of the Living Dead’. Much different in comparison to today’s modern zombies. Horror movies of today like ‘Paranormal Activity’ are more technology and special effect driven, while older films like ‘Poltergeist’ was focused more on the characters being scary. That type of scary just works better in my opinion!  Don’t misunderstand, there have been some good modern films as well (ques. 2 movies mentioned above), but most of the ones I favor, are not using so much CGI or effects to scare me. I can judge a good movie on one major thing. If I leave the theater or comfort of my own couch and I feel myself looking over my shoulder or scared to turn out the light… SUCCESS! Well played Lovely Molly, well-played!

4. The zombie apocalypse breaks out during a Nickelback concert. Describe the scenario? Spare no detail.

First off, HELL YES!  Secondly, I wouldn’t be there to witness the event. I’d rather be chewing my own foot off in private somewhere!

Hypothetically speaking, if this event was to go down in the middle of a Nickelback concert, we’d first have the advantage of killing off all the terrible fans and using the fact that their horrible judgment will only benefit the rest of us in the long run! Shut the gates and kill them all I say!!!  I feel like this is an appropriate time for us to revisit the rules of Zombieland as a survival guide in the event of an outbreak of zombies:

1)   Cardio

2)   Beware of Bathrooms (no way out of them)

3)   Seatbelts (don’t worry about them, there are zombies chasing your dumbass!)

4)   Doubletap (my personal favorite)

5)   No personal attachments

6)   Travel in a Group

7)   Keep the Dumb Dumbs close at hand

8)   Guns are for Hunting, Not Zombie Killing

9)   Kill with Efficiency

10)  Be Quiet

11)  Know your way out

12)  Don’t be a hero

13)  Limber Up

14)  Blend In

15)  Find the Right Shelter

16)  Zombies Can’t Climb

17)  Be Ruthless

18)  God Bless Rednecks

19)  No Drinking (my least favorite rule)

20)  Check the Backseat

21)  Enjoy the little things (like twinkies)

If we can all remember to closely adhere to this list, we’ll be fine. I’m prepared, are you?

5. Fister Roboto: the worst boss ever or have there been more insidious managers in your past?

Fister is slave driver!! No, seriously I couldn’t be working for a better person in the whole world.  Fister Roboto, ‘aka’, Nate-a-Rama, is one of my most dearest friends in the universe.  It just happens to be a major bonus that we are both so passionate about the same love of horror!  I have had some interesting bosses in the past, but I can honestly say that contributing to this website alongside Fister Roboto offers me the best personal reward at end of the day, hands down. (Do these kind words get me a free t-shirt or coffee mug?)

6. You have a beautiful little girl, how is your love for horror impacting her interests?

Thank you. My daughter is a very athletic, smart, and curious child. As I see history repeating itself in front of my very own eyes, my daughter is going to be a better version of myself in all aspects of life, including horror. We are two peas in a pod when it comes to “all things scary”!  I see even now at the young age of 7, she is developing a passion for this type of hobby but having me as her mother, she will undoubtedly be influenced somewhat.  Although I strictly monitor her viewing of such things, she in continuously begging me to let her watch the SyFy channel. For the most part, SyFy scary movies (if you can even call it that), is what she has on in the background while she plays in her room.  We both share a love of Halloween and enjoy frequently browsing the costumes and decorations in all the stores.  This is no doubt our favorite time of year and the child has never uttered the words, “that’s too scary mommy!” That’s my girl!

7. Besides trolling the internet for horror news, what keeps you busy and happy in your free time?

BEER! Well, that and many other things. When I do manage to have free time, I’m either at the movie theater, concerts, with my friends, cuddling with my daughter and my two cats, or spending time with my family.  Recently, I’ve been running races in the area supporting local charities to help raise money for various diseases. I also work as a graphic designer so that keeps me very busy. I enjoy doing side design projects when I am able, not only for monetary reasons, but I have always been very into art!  Paralleling my love of horror at a young age, I also developed a passion for being creative when I was a child; drawing, painting, making messes in the kitchen. I think it’s natural for the two to go hand in hand. I was the child asking for a drawing table and an easel when I was 6, not dollies!

Fister & Sister at the amazing Mariemont Inn – August 2012

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