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Fringe Season Five Debuts Friday, September 28th on FOX

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Let’s do it Fringe, while I’m going to be sad to see you go – there’s nothing worse than a great show that wears its creative welcome out. In an attempt to be spoiler-free, we all know what drastic and surprising events occurred in season four. You’ll have to watch the promo to get the new details. If this ends with my dream coming true, Olivia is going to really tap into those powers and lay waste. Fingers crossed.

The final season of Fringe debuts this Friday, 9/28 on Fox. 9PM EST.

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3 Comments on Fringe Season Five Debuts Friday, September 28th on FOX

  1. I hope your dreams come true, too. Even though I have fallen out of love with Fringe, I’m committed to watching the last season. I work nights at DISH, so I’ll have to catch the episodes on my Hopper DVR over the weekends. I think that the show still warrants some respect, because it’s not trying to stretch things out. Either way, it rightfully gained its PrimeTime Anytime spot, and my Hopper auto-records it. I now have no excuse for not watching the season, and I’ve always wanted to see 2036, J.J.Abrams style.

    • Hey, asshole, how about posting a comment without advertising your bullshit? I’m only leaving this up long enough to show how much of a complete spamming dipshit you are. Fuck off.

  2. Victor De Leon // September 28, 2012 at 8:32 pm // Reply

    I’m sorry to see Fringe go. I’ve been with the show since day one. At least it’ll end on a high note. Thanks!

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