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The Revenant (2009) Movie Review

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Written & Directed by D. Kerry Prior

Starring: David Anders, Chris Wylde, and Annie Abbott

In Los Angeles, a fallen soldier who has joined the ranks of the living dead reunites with his best friend in order to deal with the city’s drug dealers and killers – a perfect way to collect the blood that one of them so desperately needs.

This is the comedy/horror flick I wish I would’ve written. Somewhere between Shaun of the Dead and Idle Hands is The Revenant. You’re not expecting such a sophisticated film that is just straight up cool. This is so worth the $3.99 Amazon VOD HD rental. A soldier (Anders) violates protocol while stationed in Iraq, and he’s promptly “killed” by insurgents. Once back to the states, his best friend and girlfriend mourn his death. Soon there after, Bart, gains consciousness inside his grave and claws his way out. His best friend, Joey (Wylde) is surprised to say the least when Bart shows up a his front door. After the shock wears off, the duo begin to search for the reason of Bart’s undeath. Somewhere between a vampire and zombie, Bart is identified as a “revenant”, someone in a state of undeath that must consume blood to stop their body from decomposing. Hilarity ensues.

This film is gory, vulgar, violent, and clever to the end. The duo’s nightly exploits put them in the path of hardcore criminals and gang bangers at every turn. Scared at first, the duo quickly find their confidence when they realize the unlife doesn’t change very much when it comes to bullet wounds. They quickly find a way for Bart to get the blood he desperately needs. As they progress from confused thugs to full-on vigilantes, things get interesting. The duo drain the blood of the criminals they encounter as well as their drug stashes and cash. Like all movies where the protagonists gain power quickly, they continue to use cocaine and pills through the rest of the film, leading to their gross overconfidence and mistakes. Packed with hilarious and dark moments of comedy, this film fills a void we haven’t really experienced since Shaun of the Dead, but in a more perverse way.

The Revenant is a the perfect quirky but intense movie horror fans have been waiting for. I’m not sure why this took three years to see the light of day, but I’m glad it did. Perfect Halloween season watching. Enjoy the gore and heart this one offers up – it’s clearly something new for horror fans and it really makes you think about what you would do in the same circumstances.

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2 Comments on The Revenant (2009) Movie Review

  1. Victor De Leon // September 23, 2012 at 5:26 pm // Reply

    I keep forgetting to watch this movie. Thanks for the reminder. Looks good. Nice write up!

  2. I still need to watch this, sounds good and I remember seeing a trailer for it a while ago. Good review 😀

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