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Southern Tier Pumking 2012 Beer Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

Brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Company


Style: Pumpkin Ale

8.6% ABV

Serve at 40-45

Enjoyed from a DFH Signature glass

A: Pours a beautiful translucent autumn orange with a finger of white head. Fall in a glass.

S: Sublime. Notes of vanilla-pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, clove, and oddly enough – a rich buttery aroma.

T: I’m just at a loss. How does this $7.99 beer pull this off? Pumpkin pie with all the associated spices mentioned in the smell. I have no idea how they capture the buttery graham cracker crust and whipped cream dollop, but yes, please.

M: Medium-bodied. If there’s any room for improvement, it would be to get this to a more creamy texture. Who cares. It’s like asking for your gold bars to deliver more polished.

O: I’ve never heard of a beer being brewed with crack before, but the Lexington locals (myself included) sure swoop in and buy this stuff up like they’re might be. This seems even better than last year, if that’s possible. I’m a fan of Schlafly and DFH’s pumpkin ales, but this is the gold medal winner of the trio. Have this with a slice of pumpkin pie and have your mind blown.

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2 Comments on Southern Tier Pumking 2012 Beer Review

  1. I’d Pay The $8 Just To Have The Bottle hahaha I’d Give You The Beer, Though, Dude. 😉

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