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Parents (1989) Movie Review

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You might notice my complete lack of cast, director, and most of my other pertinent information. That’s because I just want to warn you in the least amount of words possible. This is one of the worst movies ever made. Terrible story, terrible acting, terrible to the core, If you have this in your Netflix queue, remove it immediately and call the producers to bitch. Parents is going to send you into a rage if you invest 90 minutes in this.

I wondered when Randy Quaid got serious about drug use – apparently it was circa 1989. Do whatever you can to avoid this. Thank me later.

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1 Comment on Parents (1989) Movie Review

  1. Your Warning Comes To Me A Little Late.
    And You’re Right, Dude.
    Absolutely Terrible.
    And Randy Quaid Has Been On Drugs Since Conception 😉

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