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DANGER ZONE: Archer & Bob’s Burgers to Crossover for Season Four

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If you think I’m bullshitting you – you are so wrong. I would never joke about my beloved Archer or Bob’s Burgers. Tying together two completely different universes is no easy task. What does an alcoholic sex addict working for spy agencies and a family of obnoxious burger servers have in common? H. Jon Benjamin, who loans his voice to Sterling Archer on FX Networks’ best show, Archer, as well as the Fox show, Bob’s Burgers. Any dual fan can’t help but picture Archer rampaging to Woodhouse about lemon curd as Bob poops his pants in a karate dojo. The ironing is delicious.

This brilliant idea will be realized during the fourth season of Archer. Benjamin states the crossover will be kind of “Bourne Identity”-ish. Benjamin give creator, Adam Reed, all the credit.


“It starts off with Archer as Bob, making hamburgers, but he doesn’t know that he’s Archer. He’s at the restaurant and these, like, I think Russian thugs come in, and Bob dispatches them expertly. And then he’s like, What just happened? How did I do that? So he has to try to figure out why he’s so good at killing people.”

“It is a little weird because you have to be a fan of both to understand it,” Benjamin acknowledges. “But you don’t have to know about ‘Bob’s Burgers’ to enjoy it.”

The animation will be 100% Archer-style, but with a very recognizable Bob’s Burger’s appeal. I implore you to stop looking for 1080p porn torrents and go tell everyone you know.

And if you ever wondered about this weird website….click the video below.

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5 Comments on DANGER ZONE: Archer & Bob’s Burgers to Crossover for Season Four

  1. I really love archer, it’s unbelievable funny :D. haven’t seen Bobs Burgers, would u recommend?

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