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Avery Maharaja Beer Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

Brewed by Avery Brewing Company


Style: American Double/Imperial IPA

10.30% ABV

Serve at 50-55 Degrees

Enjoyed from a snifter at dilly café, Mariemont, OH 7/20/12

A: Love the deep amber-orange color. Hazy with two fingers of rich head crowns this brew.

S: Citrus hop overload. Grapefruit, orange rind, peaches, pineapple, malty with some alcohol in the back. The standard of a DIPA of you ask me.

T: The taste is right in line with the nose. Unbelievably complex. Sweet and malty in the front, tropical fruits, the hops are so well-balanced.

M: Creamy and perfectly carbonated. The hops overtakes your mouth with confidence. Perfect in every way.

O: After a YEAR of getting no good reason why the Liquor Barn shelves were missing this stellar brew, I finally found a bunch of these in Ohio. I got every bomber on the shelf. This is on par with Hopslam and Surly Abrasive if not altogether superior. Avery do so much right, and in spades. I urge you to put this in your fridge hand over fist! Thanks, Avery!

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