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Resident Evil 6 Comic-Con Gameplay & More

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If I had about 40 more free hours this week, I could possibly put the smallest dent in the Comic-Con 2012 information overload. Amongst the cosplay enthusiasts, straight up nerds, gamers, and celebrities – a whole lot of news hit the masses. Horror commands a huge presence at Comic-Con and one of the best moments for the genre was in the form of Resident Evil 6 gameplay. The video below is part of the Chris demo.

and of course, the Leon demo

Well, survival horror fans, what say you? Has Capcom finally got this classic franchise up to speed? Run and gun has been lacking, as we’re all painfully aware. Fingers crossed, but I’m excited for October 2nd now. Whether you’re into horror, action, strategy or the uber child-friendly, Nintendo, you’re sure to enjoy the Resident Evil cosplay. Enjoy!

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