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I thought a reblog was in order since it’s the 4th of July! Enjoy!

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Written & Directed by Simon Rumley

Okay. What the moral of this story?

Love will make you do crazy things.

Sin begets sin.

No good dead goes unpunished.

Don’t mess with Texas.

RWB is a 2010 horror movie by Simon Rumley. Once again, this one went under my radar. That’s okay because it just made finding this awesome flick that much better. Thanks to CM for pointing me in the right direction once again.

Erica (Amanda Fuller aka, Eve from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is an emotionally withdrawn young woman living at a halfway house in Texas. She was raped by her mom’s boyfriend when she was four years old and spends her nights bar/bed hopping. She sets the tone of her miserable existence by having a four way in the beginning of the film. Disconnected from everyone, Erica finds fleeting comfort in the…

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