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Spider-Men #1 Comic Book Review

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DC isn’t the only multiverse game in town, kids. Peter Parker/Spider-Man is without a doubt, my favorite Marvel character of all time, and young Miles is gaining steam as well. In this five issue run, we get to see what would happen if these two selfless heroes met face to face. The book opens with Spider-Man swinging high above his beloved New York City. Spidey loves his city and his life as the wall-crawler. He gushes about his unique life, his favorite city, and how much he enjoys his life as a whole. It’s very refreshing to see this icon having a good time, hell, a great time. If anyone in the Marvel Universe deserves it…

The opening issue is obviously a little thin in the story department, we’re just out of the gates to get this story moving, so cut them some slack. One thing this book isn’t lacking, is the charm. Pete delivers one-liners and keeps his cohesive internal monologue rolling with each websling. Pete pauses to handle some standard-issue thugs before he finally notices the mysterious light that catapults him into the Ultimate Universe. I love that Mysterio is the villain that initiates this event, whether he intended to or not. Spidey has some great banter regarding his fights with the fishbowl head of a villain and mentions how they usually turn out. If you read ASM, you know what the turning point in these fights are. I love the confident, smart ass Spider-Man.

I won’t spoil the event that triggers his shift to the Ultimate Universe, but it’s really cool and clever. I think all Spidey fans were dying to know how these two characters were going to get face time. The issue ends with the two heroes standing face to face; I was practically cheering. This isn’t something I expected from Marvel, but I’m sure as hell digging it. If you don’t read Ultimate Spider-Man, you really are missing out. The teenage Miles Morales is a perfect new Spider-Man. Spoiler alert: the Ultimate Peter Parker Spidey was killed, leaving a giant hole in that world. Miles fills those shoes perfectly.Seriously, go read it.

When Pete finally encounters some locals, he realizes something is very wrong. Enter: Miles Morales. This issue ends with the two webslingers on a roof in Ultimate New York and I can’t wait to see where this goes. Issue one of five is beautifully drawn by the talented Sara Pichelli, and I would expect no less from her expert hands. Bendis is building this to something awesome, I can promise you that. There’s a lot of little things to notice that add charm to this book. Look for them yourselves. Something as simple as a font change means a lot in this title. Go pick this up today – you’ll be glad you did. This is real Marvel history unfolding here, kids.

And next issue…

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