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When Documentaries Go Bad “666 Revealed!”

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A better title for 666 Revealed might have been “So, You Want to Make a Terrible Documentary: Part I”. I realize that might be too wordy for a documentary, and it also draws instant negative attention to itself. I guess that really wouldn’t have been a better title, just more accurate. I digress… This afterthought of a documentary makes a feeble attempt of explaining how real evil exists within our world. Starting with Satan himself, we’re shown a myriad of occult images and we’re treated to stories about the very origins of evil. Werewolves, ghost stories, witches, all human creations to ease the unexplained and monstrous behavior men  are capable of committing. Let’s say your mom is suddenly murdered in cold blood by her husband of 40 years. Hate and years of growing resentment or possession? Which would bring you less grief? Therefore, evil must indeed exist and it’s all too real.

This is probably an album cover

Doctors, clergymen, and other “experts” share facts about the varied forms of evil on the planet, inundating the viewer with strobe light effects and flashing everything from demons to Nickelback. (I made that last part up, but come on. How insidious of a plot would that be? Satan made the most irritating band on the planet. They won’t kill you directly, but I hear Nickelback related suicides are on the upswing.) No poorly produced television documentary would be resolved without the obligatory mentions of Aleister Crowley or the founder of San Francisco’s The Church of Satan, Anton LaVey. Segments with some of LaVey’s devout followers give us some background on what the church believes to be true. There is no recognized Satan in the religion. Satan is an idea or a force, something akin to gravity. Your belief is not required for it to work. Note to actual Satanists: Satanism is supposed to be about your individual ideals and preferences, so why do you all dress like extras on a Danzig video? Really original. Being a Satanist in a three-piece suit seems so much classier. I am so digressing.

Actual stock photo from The Church of Satan Vault circa 1977

The show eventually arrives to its main point, which is going to make you laugh, I swear. The show claims the EVIDENCE is coming as the sensational text scrolls across the screen. Somehow the shows’ producers determined the precise day that serial killers like Albert Fish and David Berkowitz were conceived. I keep forgetting how precise the technology available to 2006 television crews really was. As fate would have it, those dates coincide with “actual” Satanic holidays. Now, how they determined these days as Satanic is never explored. I might be a stickler, but evidence is looked upon with favor at my house. Clearly, anyone born on such a day is going to grow up to be a crazy serial murderer/cannibal.You were warned and it was a free service on Netflix.

I love shows about the occult, Satanism, possessions, UFOs; all that stuff – 666 Revealed is just moronic though. If you have an hour to kill while you’re downloading the new Smashing Pumpkins album sitting around respecting internet piracy laws, this might be a good option. Enjoy, kids.

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  1. “everything from demons to Nickelback.” HAHA

  2. I am with you! Nickelback is terrifying ;-O

  3. Man, I get some weird pingbacks…

  4. Degrassi is full of evil, didn’t you know?!

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