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Alabaster: Wolves #2 Comic Book Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

Written by Caitlín R. Kiernan

Art by Steve Lieber

Published by Dark Horse Comics


Five Issue Run

This title came out of nowhere last month. It might have gone unnoticed if not for my local comic guys pointing it out. This “dark horse” (sorry) comic about a southern albino teenager tasked with killing monsters is worth your time.

Our heroine, Dancy Flammarion, (yep) is slowed down with a nasty werewolf gash after her battle last issue. Tired, fighting infection, and getting talked up by her blackbird friend, Dancy makes her way towards a church for temporary sanctuary. Wanting nothing more than to cleanse her wound and get a breather, Dancy finds her peace cut off before it starts. Now face to face with her latest kill’s maker, she has to act fast and with a gimp arm.

Alabaster: Wolves reads a little like The Dark Tower, clearly establishing its credibility as a Southern Gothic yarn as it pulls away from comparative characterizations and forges its own feel. Dark Horse is a perfect fit for an albino monster hunter series. Guiding the success is the great new team of Caitlin and Kiernan. Quirky yet serious, this dark fantasy tale is gaining steam every month.


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  1. Is It Sad That, When Discussing Tanning, My Skin-Tone Was Called An “Alabaster-Tan”???
    I’m So So SO White :-\

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