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Enter Nowhere (2011) Movie Review

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Directed by Jack Heller

Written by Shawn Christensen & Jason Dolan

Starring Sara Paxton, Scott Eastwood and Shaun Sipos


Three strangers arrive one by one to a mysterious cabin in the middle of nowhere after enduring separate life-altering predicaments. Searching for a way out of the woods, frustrated, hungry and battling to stay warm they discover their mysterious connection and realize what they have to do in order to get out of the woods alive.

Sipos, Eastwood, and Paxton

Three strangers are led to a mysterious cabin in the woods after each of them experience some kind of car trouble. After a rough introduction, the two women and one man learn to trust and help each other escape the woods and find their missing loved ones. The first 30-40 minutes is nothing but introductions and heavy dialogue. I can see how it might seem slow to some, but the character development is essential since the three “strangers” are clearly brought together for a reason. It’s like a Lost writer got a hold of this semi-horror plot and just ran with it.

This is one of those movies that any amount of spoiler will ruin, so there isn’t much info as far as this review goes.

With the exception of Scott Eastwood’s acting stumbles, the movie is solid as far as the performances go. The actors allow you to get inside their heads as the plot slowly unfolds, and you can feel their fear and uncertainty in every scene of the third act. The lone cabin in the woods is such a great setting for the things that happen within the film. The threesome’s commitment to not only surviving, but finding the truth becomes pivotal.

You might consider it slow unless you’re willing to give yourself over to the next 90 minutes, just a fair warning. Personally, I like the movie a lot, and I think fans of horror will as well. Patience is truly a virtue for the characters and the viewer. To those of you that endure to the end, I hope you like the ending as much as I did. If you don’t, well, you were warned.


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2 Comments on Enter Nowhere (2011) Movie Review

  1. Based on the trailer and your review i will definitely be giving this a watch. Looks like it could be like either Identity starring John Cusack or Triangle with Melissa George. Thanks for bring this movie to my attention!

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