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Saga # 3 Comic Book Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

Written by Brian K. Vaughn

Art by Fiona Staples

Published by Image Comics


Saga might have been holding back in the first issue when they gave us a glimpse of two robots attempting to have anal sex. Since then, not much seems out of place in Vaughn’s newest genre-jumping masterpiece. Saga is equal parts sci-fi, fantasy and horror, kind of like a Blade Runner meets Heavy Metal amalgam. The central plot of the book revolves around two new parents, Alana and Marko, escaping their planet to carve a better life for their newborn daughter, Hazel.

Mortally wounded by a bounty hunter that’s equal parts woman and spider, Marko is down for the count, leaving Alana face to face with “the horrors” on her quest to the Rocketship Forrest. You might think this meeting with a disemboweled ghost would end worse, but Saga sets its own parameters and these “spiritual defenders of Cleave” aren’t really what you’re led to believe.

Saga is a weird title. Weird in the sense that it’s a strange universe Vaughn and Staples have created, but also weird because these far off places and bizarre characters all feel oddly familiar. Still in the discovery phase, we learn more about both the characters and the world as the story unravels. Staples shines in the our learning process. Not confined to outline or use bold black lines, her watercolor style art blends with Vaughn’s vision in perfect sync. Saga is familiar, yet foreign, a glorious testament of creativity in storytelling.

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  1. I completely agree with you for the review of Saga. I just reviewed it on my own. Im just starting out have any tips? Also plan on following. it be neat if you followed back.

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