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“Scumbag” Teaser Trailer

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Holy crap. Scumbag is the new film from Andy Gould, the producer of Rob Zombie’s Halloween and The Devil’s Rejects. Zombie is well-known for his dirty and gritty style of film making. Scumbag appears to follow suite.

“Following a series of unfortunate choices that ruined his adult film acting career, Hondo, a desperate man attempting to turn his life around, finds himself dealing drugs to survive.  Hondo befriends a rich captivating client, The Texan, who convinces Hondo he can get him back into the adult film business.  Unbeknownst to Hondo, his new ‘friend’ actually wants him dead and an elaborate revenge plot emerges.  Instead of working his way back to fame and fortune, Hondo finds himself fighting for his life.”

“This first look teaser stars David Frye (Anacondas, 12 Rounds) as Hondo, Joe Stevens (True Grit), and Laura Clery (‘Til Death).  In it, Hondo is caught in a drug deal gone wrong and must use his skills and wit to save himself.”

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