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Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Phish “Heavy Things” @ Big Cypress NYE 1999 (ABC TV)

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Truly the greatest night of music I’ve ever heard, and will most likely ever hear. The famous all-night set that occurred on 12/31/99 went from roughly 11:50PM until 7AM the next morning. The year 2000 welcomed me like no other passage of time could.

I’m the guy wearing white in the middle of the crowd. Enjoy.

Here’s a little music history lesson for those of you that care.

And an hour spanning the time from darkness to the first sunrise of the new year.

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4 Comments on Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Phish “Heavy Things” @ Big Cypress NYE 1999 (ABC TV)

    • SAY IT LIKE YOU’RE PISSED! That was a funny five minutes prior to the live feed. They were hoping to make the general audience as confused as possible. I’m 99% of the public was already asking “What’s the Phish?”

      Fister Points to you for paying attention, That usually means something good. 🙂

  1. Fister points!!! Fister points!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOSERSSSS!!!!!!!! 😀

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