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Fister’s 4/20 Friday Recap

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You’ll have to excuse my lack of articles this week, my actual life has been SO demanding. Here’s my Fister’s Friday 4/20 Edition. Enjoy the info!

Idle Hands. One of the best horror/stoner flicks ever filmed. If you haven’t seen this one, well, I just feel bad for you. Go rent or buy it asap. Jessica Alba flaunts her body, Seth Green gets a beer bottle shoved into his head and shows that even stoner zombies have a heart. Great flick.

A new UK poster for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This looks so bad ass. I enjoyed the book, so maybe I have a soft spot for this upcoming flick; I think it will do well.

RIP to the original Barnabas Collins, Johnathan Frid, of Dark Shadows fame. MTV reports:

Barnabas Collins, Jonathan Frid, “died of natural causes after a fall at his home in Ancaster, Ontario, though his family chose not to release the news until now… Frid was a classically trained stage actor, who began his stage career after a tour with the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II. He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London before going to receive a Master of Fine Arts degree in directing from Yale in 1957.” 

Such a shame that the movie remake was a few short weeks away. He will be missed.

Ted Nugent, current poon tune expert has launched from weird survivalist, into a full-blown crazy person with his recent remarks regarding President Obama and liberals by and large. I think he’s ready for a horror role.

Slow week, kids. If you haven’t read my article on American Horror Story Season Two. Go back a little bit and do so. Sorry for the ten-cent update. It’s been one of those weeks!

In honor of the day, here’s some Phish busting loose a great version of The Rolling Stones’ “Loving Cup”.




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