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New Japanese Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man

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Like many a hard to please comic nerd, I sighed and rolled my eyes at the news of a Spider-Man reboot. I still had the bitter taste of Topher Grace as Venom in my mouth, and we all know how gross that was. It was like reaching for a beer bottle labeled “Hopslam”, then with your first taste you discover the foul flavor of Miller Lite assaulting your taste buds.  If you got the beer analogy, congratulations, you are in a very elite geek subset. I digress.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters on July 3rd and I now can’t wait. This version of our favorite wall-crawler digs deeper into why the humble hero doesn’t have any parents, hence “the untold story”. This may belly-flop painfully into my summer movie pool, but my growing impression is that this is going to kick ass. A lot of ass.

Pete will share the screen with the Stacy family, starring Emma Stone, as the iconic Gwen Stacy. Andrew Garfield looks so much like a young Spidey; I’m very pleased. Dr. Curt Conners, aka, The Lizard, is portrayed by Rhys Ifans, and the footage looks awesome. Fanboy naysayers are already bitching because his lab coat is missing. I know, right? How dare a film take liberties with this beloved lab coat. I demand someone tell me why The Hulk never grows out of his purple pants, exposing what I can only assume is a green wang that would give Ron Jeremy a heart attack.

Finally, here’s the trailer. If you can read Japanese subtitles, well, it’s your lucky day.

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