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Hey, New Batman Outfit, You Look Pretty Lame

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True, we all wear masks, some are just much lamer than others.

Today saw the release of a new Batman and Catwoman pic. While this Batman costume doesn’t remotely resemble anything our beloved Dark Knight utilized in the comics, I assure you this will NOT keep me from seeing this movie like 8 times at the theater.

I’m positive the suit will look just fine in action, but these brightly lit photos aren’t doing him any favors.

*eye roll*

Selena on the other hand, Selena’s redesigned costume looks like an acceptable and modern tactical way to go.

All in all, I realize there is always a disconnect when transferring spandex to film, and don’t want to be perceived as bitching. Still, it looks lame.

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1 Comment on Hey, New Batman Outfit, You Look Pretty Lame

  1. Yeah, I’m sure the high-heels and above the knee boots improve her “tactical” abilities. Right.

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