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Fister Interviews Jeremy Hawkins, Curator or Horror Blogger Alliance & Author of “Retro-Zombie: Art & Words”

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Hi, kids. Today Left Hand Horror is happy to host Jeremy Hawkins, curator of the extensive Horror Blogger Alliance (HBA). What a coincidence, Jeremy also has a new book out, and we wanted to sit down and talk a little bit about his newest project.

1. Fister: Jeremy, you have the lion’s share of work maintaining the extensive Horror Blogger Alliance (HBA). Why did you start this site?

Well funny thing is it was created by my good friend Carl Manes of and in the early stages of me blogging I met him and of course we shared the same passion in horror. I designed a few bloody t-shirts for his site and he asked if I would like to be part of the alliance. At first there were about ten people on the team and as those people got tied down to their site… I am the last Indian. So I am like it’s curator to it, I love it so many people… so much passion for the horror scene. It is a great start to finding horror based sites/blogs.

2. Fister: What sucked you into horror so strongly that you were forced to create HBA?

I love zombies and with the world standing up and taking notice of the walking dead I started my own site for that love of zombies, it started as joke where I turned famous people into the dead. It became a very popular site and has evolved into a whole new place where it’s less zombies and more retro stuff. The HBA still allows me to be that zombie/monster/slasher freak I want to be. It’s like having two families one you talk about with friends like the HBA does and the other is a true artistic expression of who I am. Not that I cannot be proud of both I am, but the HBA is a hub to links to madness where it’s not about just me… that is the zombie site. So I am Jekyll and Hyde, so to answer the question I am its look, something horror fans can be proud of.

3. Fister: All interviewees are required to answer this one. What is your favorite horror movie?

I love for many reasons Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed” it is great film that has all the elements of a great idea of a horror film. Monsters living their lives away from human distractions, only to be disturbed by human interactions… brought together by one button wearing psycho bastard. Make this a sequel someday, please!

4. Fister: You have a new book just releasing, tell us about Retro Zombie: Art & Words

It’s funny it’s not really horror, its well heck I not really sure what it is. It wants to be an art book scribbling of words and words scribbling of art. It is designed in a 1960’s retro fashion and it represents some deep thought. The reviews have been good, mostly people not knowing what is going on inside my head. With this I plan to release more stuff and as I told my wife…this is a book for me, which I thought I would share.

Retro-Zombie: Art and Words [Trailers]

5. Fister: Do you have any future horror plans you want to share with us?

I have three book projects that are done and in need of editing, which is not my strong point… that is why they sit collecting virtual dust. One is my monster book that highlights ten well-known monsters in the last thirty-five years and poses one question to the whole basis for the book “Are they Evil”. Second I have the passion for the film Fright Night and wrote a series of books that further explains the characters. And last an alien story of short stories that will test the human races… okay there are more things but these are the ones I remember.

6. Fister: Free Plug City: Anything you feel like sharing before we boot you out?

I am a designer for blogs, book/ebook covers, banners/badges and anything you might need… I can go creepy or cute and fuzzy, with some reasonable prices.

All my links can start in one place:


Retro Zombies:
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HBA Member:

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3 Comments on Fister Interviews Jeremy Hawkins, Curator or Horror Blogger Alliance & Author of “Retro-Zombie: Art & Words”

  1. FR,

    Thank you for letting me chat with you, I am glad you do what you do… All the Best!

    Jeremy [Retro-Z]

  2. Dang, man – find some critique partners to help with the editing and get those other books done!
    Good interview, guys.

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