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The Amazing Spider-Man #683: Ends of the Earth Comic Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Stefano Caselli & Frank Martin Jr. (Colors)

Previously in Amazing Spider-Man:Dr. Octopus has put a system, the Octavian Shield, in place to change the harmful effects of global warming. Last time, he turned them way up and pointed out that with help, he can turn them way down saving the planet. Now, much of Earth’s populace is considering helping him, but our favorite wall-crawler doesn’t believe Ock and is ready to stop him.

Before you start reading this review, please be aware that this is a review of the overall issue and concept of Ends of the Earth. I DON’T EFFING REVIEW COMICS PANEL BY PANEL. Seriously, stop emailing me with “suggestions”. I welcome all comments, but this is how I review comics. Want a play by-play that includes details about She-Hulk’s wedgie and what direction Iron Man is looking, then just read the comic.

Foreshadowing. This has it. There’s a mini-prequel at the start of the title that ties up the end very nicely. Doc Ock has dispatched his Sinister Six, each tasked with obtaining some items directly linked to Iron Man, Thor, and Red Hulk. These scenes just help to show how precisely orchestrated Doc Ock is at the moment. He’s single of purpose and a model of tactical perfection.

If you ever hoped to see Spidey punch out Al Gore in a comic, this might be your lucky day. World leaders meet, trying to decide if they should help Doc Ock put his satellites in orbit. His dying wish to give something life-changing to the world is looking realistic. The political figures can’t stop thinking about the global impact of Ock actually stopping global warning. After all he’s done, the leaders seem to have faith that his dying wish is legit, and they trust him. Enter Spider-Man who quickly decks Gore, revealing him as The Chameleon, the Sinister Six’ master of infiltration.

In the end, the Octavian Shield is up and we all see the good it can do. We also get the treat of Slott effortlessly juggling writing between individuals and teams. This is heavy on the talking, and I hung on every word. Ultimately in the end, it’s Ock on top, his hero-specific items all worked to decimate this team of Avengers. Spider-Man is stopped last and left in a spot no Spidey fan will ever want to see.

Slott just keeps propelling his title onward and upward past the ASM failures of recent years. He started his opening issues strong, gave us the magnificent Spider Island, and now Ends of the Earth looks to be perched in a similar spot. Great action, great writing all the way around, the set up is rock solid and I can’t wait for the next.

Caselli deserves a special mention based on his wonderful work on making Octavius downright horrifying. The tight shots are so disgusting. All those tubes and shit just make me cringe while I’m reading. His basic pod suit is kind of silly, but somehow always comes across as just unnerving. That is some skill right there, kids. Everyone stop by and give Caselli a handy. He’s done this classic villain in a whole new light.

Bravo to Marvel. The Ends of the Earth arc is bad ass so far. Reading this and the current Ultimate Spider-Man in the same sitting is a dream come true for fans of the wall-crawler.

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