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Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 Review

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It’s hard to believe this is already here. As a big fan of Marvel, I find myself in that awkward moment where my runaway expectations might clash with reality now that this title is finally in my hands. I’m excited to report this super event is going to set the Marvel universe on its collective ass. Drink up some Haterade if you have to, but I trust in the elite writing team of Bendis, Aaron, Brubaker, Hickman, and Fraction.

Marvel is hit or miss with the huge crossover epic events. Civil War was a smashing success and truly original. The plot was simple and easy to follow. The trauma over the registration act divided Marvel’s heroes right down the middle. You were either Team Rogers or Team Stark; there wasn’t much middle ground. Hopefully, AvX is going to do the same.

The Phoenix Force is clearly on the way to earth. Cyclops is aware of it. Captain America is aware of it, and Hope is not only aware of it, but ready for it. Marvel is throwing a lot at us quickly. This 12 issue title hits our pull folders every two weeks, giving us ample time to stay caught up on this and the zillion other X-Men and Avengers titles with a shitload of AvX overflow. My pull folder might just split down the middle since The X-Men and Avengers titles are permanent fixtures for the most part.

The opening panels quickly give way to a two page shot of the Phoenix Force literally exploding into action. Back at Avengers Tower part of the group scrambles after a very visible projectile collides with a commercial plane over the city. When all is done and the smoking rubble is pushed aside, we find none other than Nova. He has a simple message in his injured state: “It’s coming.”

Shit is getting real over at Utopia. Scott and Hope continue her training, and Summers proves to be a continued taskmaster when Hope is involved. He barks out orders and gives her a speech about being prepared. Emma and Magneto observe the action and subtly liken it to Magneto’s once idyllic and consuming position on mutants. During the “no powers” physical training, Hope finally breaks loose on Scott in the form of a very angry fiery Phoenix.

Steve and Tony deliver the news to the President, guaranteeing the energy signature found on Nova is from the Phoenix Force. The Avengers don’t have a hard time convincing the panel that the destructive force must be diverted and destroyed before it arrives. Unfortunately. an alert triggers during the meeting, and Iron Man delivers the news that the feared force has already arrived.

Tension is off the charts when Captain America arrives at Utopia to have a serious talk with Cyclops. While Scott is unusually aggressive, I do understand why. He lost his only true love, fellow X-Man, Jean Grey, to Phoenix. She killed herself for nothing when she commanded the Phoenix Force. Even in her death, the force continues. Now with Hope already showing new powers, he’s convinced himself that Hope can be properly trained and the force controlled. At the root of this, Scott wants to believe Hope will truly be the Mutant Messiah and restore what The Scarlet Witch destroyed. Here’s Scott’s chance to repopulate the world with mutants again.

He attacks Steve and the battle lines are becoming clear. Not expecting a positive response at Utopia, Steve utters the phrase “Avengers Assemble.” Never in the history of Marvel Comics has that phrase carried so much world-changing power. If I have to nitpick anything, it’s some of the artwork from the insanely skilled John Romita Jr. He can never seem to capture the sleek and top-of-the-line appearance of Iron Man. It is nitpicking, as I said, but that is essential to the look of his character. Aside from that, the action scenes are more wonderful than expected, making for a completely bad ass round one. I con only hope that Marvel stays on point and gives us the story and action something this epic truly deserves. Nice start so far.

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2 Comments on Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 Review

  1. I’m a big fan of Marvel as well but don’t read the comics. I would rather watch them. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Fister. 🙂

    • I don’t think we’ll ever see an Avengers vs X-Men movie, but hopefully The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, and The Amazing Spider-Man will tide us over!

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