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Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Misc Artists/Space Themes (10 Videos)

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Space has always had a place in music/metal. The dark limitless celestial voids, black holes, a beautiful starry night enjoyed with a loved one from the hood of Chevy; maybe while making out, under the influence and jamming a little Pink Floyd. We’ve all been there. If you haven’t, well, you’re missing out on a Midwestern right of passage.

As always, enjoy…as much as you’d like. 😉

For the jamband illiterate, patience is a virtue. Make it to the four-minute mark and there is a reward just waiting for your ears.

(This guy doing the show’s lead-in could NOT be any less thrilled)

(If you hate throwback stoner space rock, your IP address was just banned. Never mind how I know. Dick.)

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