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Fister EXCLUSIVE: Game of Thrones Season Two Cancelled, Moving to Cinemax

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In a serious WHAT moment this morning, HBO announced they are stopping the airing of the much awaited season premiere of Game of Thrones. Derrick Davis from HBO was quoted as saying:

“While we appreciate the fan love and zeal for this show, we are sad to announce we are not able to air the new episode tonight. The deep pockets at S.I.S.T.E.R. (Sunday Incest Surrounding Thrones Elevated Response) have unleashed their lobby group of lawyers who demand Sunday be reserved for family programming not dealing with middle-earth sex acts involving siblings.” Are you kidding me? “While incest remains a huge part of the show, and will continue to be, we have no other choice but to delay Season Two until this fall, when the shittier network, Cinemax, picks up the franchise.”

I knew this whole incest thing was going to bite us all in the ass. Call your local cable office and senator. when you do, tell them Fister Roboto wishes them all a Happy April Fools Day.

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  1. Have no idea what this Game of Thrones is all about but I like the pic. Cute guy. Will google this later. 🙂

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