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Hype or Hope? Avengers vs. X-Men #0 Comic Book Review

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I’m not sure you guys heard about it, but there’s a really, really big Marvel-Crossover-Tie-In-Superbrawl-Event landing in April. You might think I’m talking about The Avengers movie (sploosh) that opens on May 4th, or maybe you thought I was mentioning Avengers Assemble. an appropriately timed new title. I am, of course, talking about the abundantly promoted Avengers vs. X-Men; it’s kind of a big deal. “AvX” will combine the threads of Children’s Crusade, Schism, and Fear Itself into one climatic event. It better anyway.

According to Marvel:

“The Avengers and X-Men have learned that the all-powerful embodiment of both death and rebirth known as the Phoenix Force is on a crash course for Earth…and it needs a new host to unleash its immeasurable power. But what is the shocking decision tied to the Phoenix’s return that will pit the Avengers against the X-Men? And when good friends become bitter enemies, what does this mean for the future of the Marvel Universe?”

Wet yet? We all know that new host is Hope Summers, the “Mutant Messiah”, a mutant raised in the future by Cable; and she’s ready to welcome the Phoenix Force. Read on.

Published by Marvel Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis (Scarlet Witch Story) & Jason Aaron (Hope Story)

Art by Frank Cho and Jason Keith

I love The X-Men, but I really love The Avengers, so I’m literally like a kid in some type of store here. The Wakandan Ambassador’s motorcade is escorting Dr. Udaku to the Pentagon when a shitstorm by the name of M.O.D.O.K. appears. His message of A.I.M. loyalty vanishes quickly when none other than the Scarlet Witch arrives. Hell yes. Wanda is clearly out of practice as a hero and fumbles in her fight. Luckily, there is almost always an Avenger nearby. Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman are quick with the assist. See, girls can be friends with each other.

Carol invites Wanda back to the mansion where her beloved Vision has nothing but contempt for her actions involving the misuse of his powerful body. If you’re lost here, you really need to go back to House of M, Disassembled, Children’s Crusade, etc. I don’t consider myself a fanboy to The Avengers OR Bendis, but his Scarlet Witch story reads much better than Jason Aaron’s Hope story. I couldn’t be any more excited to see this bigtime Marvel brawl officially launch.

Hope is the mutant messiah. She’s been growing increasingly more aggressive with her moods and treatment of super villains. Not that any of us consider The Serpent Society real super villains. We all know where this is headed, the Phoenix Force is coming, see the last panel, Hope is not only aware of it, but she’s now willing to accept it. Enter huge ass massacre. My only issue with the comic is the low murmur that leads to something so epic. All we really see is another issue of Cyclops struggling to lead the ambitious and bitter, Hope. It’s forgivable in my opinion just to get to watch Bendis and Aaron work together. My wallet already sees this tie-in after tie-in after tie-in on the horizon. My biggest hope is that Marvel presents us with nothing but a pristine and completely epic story arc. I guess that’s the rub, isn’t it?

Oh, and yes, Frank Cho is so perfect. I’m in heaven. Don’t let me down, Marvel, not this time.


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