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Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Warrior Soul “We Cry Out”

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Remember Warrior Soul? Liar. I would say less than 10% of my old school metal lovin’ friends were really into WS. There was something awesome about these guys and it’s still a little hard to define. I think they were lumped into some weird “acid punk” genre or something. Whatever, they were a metal band.

I love the vocals, they have a very natural somber and earthy tone. The reverb-heavy guitar gets very very cool at times, very spacey. I want to say this was around 1990-1991 that this album was released. We were all sick of the locust swarm of hair metal, and Warrior Soul were just some regular, average dudes in a band, a good band. I’ll leave you to enjoy some old school metal while I try to go download some Warrior Soul.

Enjoy. I think Lullaby is my favorite of the three.

Here’s a bonus since Warrior Soul don’t get enough respect.

“The Losers”


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