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Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Ratt “Lay it Down”

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Come on, don’t roll your elitist metal eyes, you jags. I know you had a cassette or vinyl copy of Out of the Cellar. There’s no shame in it…

Well, there is a little shame in it, but so what? Ratt hit the 80’s metal scene with a power punch. By the time Out of the Cellar had done its damage, their first full-length studio album had earned them triple platinum status. I guess that’s not bad for a buncha dudes in lace, lipstick, big hair, and animal print.

Remember when Stephen Pearcy said Ratt would be remembered like The Beatles? I’m not sure how that worked out. Is anyone in contact with the 14 people who still attend Ratt shows? We may never know…

“Lay it Down” is a killer 80’s metal song. I still love to play the guitar riff. The video is 100% cheesy awesomeness. They all look like gay pirates from a musical.

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1 Comment on Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Ratt “Lay it Down”

  1. And to think, I was just remembering Ratt’s appearance (on a TV) in justly-forgotten Eddie Murphy vehicle, “The Golden Child”, not two days ago.

    They were never going to be anything more than a pretty nifty glam pop-metal band, but they certainly had better tunes than a lot of their peers.

    “Round and Round”, “Lay It Down”, “Nobody Rides For Free” – quality songs from true denizens of the Sunset Strip.

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