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The Initiation (1984) Movie Review

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Written by Charles Pratt Jr.

Directed by Larry Stewart

Kelly Fairchild has become a college student and a member of the Delta Ro Kai sorority. During all her life, she has suffered from a nightmare where a man is burning. She meets an assistant professor who can help interpret the dream. The sorority’s initiation ritual is a nighttime breaking-and-entering into her father’s department store.

I can’t think of a dumber movie I’ve seen lately. Don’t get me wrong, all the classic, cheesy horror elements are present. Synthesizer accents, fake out scares, terrible acting, plot holes big enough to drive a golf cart through, etc, etc. My wife enjoyed this one for purely nostalgic reasons, but far and wide, The Initiation blows.

Opting to have a fresh horror movie approach to the protagonist, the filmmakers chose a young, college girl as the lead. I know, I know. Spaceball, Daphne Zuniga, plays Kelly, a coed haunted by bizarre dreams and flimsy acting.

This is how Nickelback got famous…EFFING WITCHES!

Anyway, a practical joke is launched with deadly results when the local frat guys get involved. Fifteen garden tools to the jugular later, the characters aren’t any richer for finding out the maze of twists and turns they overcome to survive until the ending. The plot holes are practically black holes, no light can escape this genius plot. The acting is so bad that you might think this is a comedy at time, but ultimately there is nothing funny about it. Personally, I think Netflix owes me for 90 minutes since they let this nonsense go down.

Skip it, ignore it, forget you even heard about it. Not even jiggly college-aged boobs could add a second of actual entertainment. In a world of terribly great horror flicks, this is just terrible. Sorry guys, you flunk.

“Stop it, Donnie, you’re being a huge dick.”

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2 Comments on The Initiation (1984) Movie Review

  1. I agree with you here Fister. We call it “low-budget movies”. I love the poster though. Funny how the posters looks better than the movies..heheh

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