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Adam Green Talks Holliston with Mandy

Article by Amanda Tullos from Mandy’s Morgue of Horror

It’s not everyday that one gets the chance to speak to someone that they admire. It’s also not everyday that a person you admire actually gives a damn about you or what you have to say. Well, horror director, Adam Green, is different than all of the rest for he goes above and beyond to give back to his fans. I was lucky enough to speak with the Hatchet director about his upcoming horror-comedy series, Holliston, premiering Tuesday, April 3 at 10:30 on FearNet.

You can only imagine the excitement, nervousness, and girly giddiness that I was going through during my lengthy conversation with the Massachusetts native. Thank God you all couldn’t hear the beginning of our interview. BUT you can read the rest of the interview where Green discusses Holliston, Hatchet 3, Chillerama, and the upcoming project, Killer Pizza. Click here for the [full interview].


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