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Director Sevé Schelenz Talks SKEW and Found-Footage Craze

Article by Amanda Tullos from Mandy’s Morgue of Horror

I think it’s extremely important to support indie filmmakers within the horror community because they are the ones who are actually trying to make new and unique films while thinking of the fans each step of the way. These writers and directors muster up all of their savings, blood, sweat and tears to deliver something worthwhile to the fans. One upcoming filmmaker, Sevé Schelenz, was nice enough to talk with me about his recent horror film, Skew, and discuss the fascination that audiences have with the “found-footage” genre.

To learn more about the director, his first horror feature, and to read his thoughts about the ever-growing found-footage craze in Hollywood, click for the [full interview].

4 Comments on Director Sevé Schelenz Talks SKEW and Found-Footage Craze

  1. Love it! Nice work.

  2. I watched this last night and I am hella confused by the ending. Was the answer in the reflection? Was it actually Rich? Was there a camera? I am so confused!! Do you have a theory or know what the heck actually happened at the end?

  3. Geek Soul Brother // March 25, 2012 at 10:43 pm // Reply

    I could imagine that one of the hardest part of doing a found-footage horror film is coming up with a believable reason why someone would be filming the ‘movie’ in the first place. Because if I was being chased by a monster or some crazed psycho, I would probably be dropping the camera and running. But that’s me. Nice interview.

  4. mandymorgue // March 26, 2012 at 9:26 am // Reply

    Thanks Fister! Justine, I responded to your question on my blog. And Geek Soul Brother, I really try not to even think about that because I don’t think it’s important. I immediately overlook it because I realize that it’s a movie and the only thing that matters is if the story is good and well executed. In this film, the character has reasoning for why he’s carrying around the camera.

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