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New Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer

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Say what you want, but Seth Grahame-Smith did a bang up job with his novel on which the film is based. It combines real American history with fictional accounts of the President’s life, and it does it seamlessly.Tim Burton also has his named stamped on this project.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter debuts on 6.22.12.

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5 Comments on New Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer

  1. Oh, I love vampire movies and this looks like it’s going to be a great movie. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Such a good book. I love this new trend of combining real events with mythology. The same author has another called “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”.

      • Isn’t it funny how the books are sometimes better? Like “Vampire Diaries”. After I read the books I watched the series again and it seemed quite boring in comparison, but they’re still great! I am not so crazy about Zombies though but I think it’s because I’ve seen too many Zombie movies. Maybe they should start making sexy Zombies for a change. LOL!

      • Seriously. My imagination is hard to beat sometimes.

        Things you never hear…

        “Take that zombie out!”

        “Which one?”

        “The sexy one.”

      • LOL! You are hilarious! You should be a movie producer..hehehe

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