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Beside the Dying Fire: The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap

Article by Amanda Tullos from Mandy’s Morgue of Horror

AHHHH! I am literally still screaming from last night’s season two finale of The Walking Dead. So much was revealed and a fan favorite made an appearance just before the episode ended. The episode was filled with action and drama from start to finish and as Rick stated, “This isn’t a democracy anymore.” Not only has the group turned against him, he doesn’t seem to give a damn what they think anymore. BADASS.

Not only do I want to make sweet, sweet love to Mr. Grimes even more now…my hatred for Lori has become increasingly worse. Oh, and Carol needs to keep her damn mouth shut as well. Does she actually do anything to help the group? UM, NO. Bitch Please. To read the rest of my recap of Beside the Dying Fire, click for the [full article].

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