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What? More Avengers Stuff??

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I can’t believe it…more Avengers promo shit is landing. Add on the new Avengers Assemble title and Avengers vs. X-Men and I get like 27 Avengers titles a month already. Nothing major here with the new posters, but when The Avengers has been realized AND filmed, I promote it as well.

Here’s two more new posters for you to absorb. If you haven’t heard, The Avengers opens on May 4th. Stay out of my way, and leave your little kids the hell home.

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2 Comments on What? More Avengers Stuff??

  1. They could have used other elements in these new ones. They just moved stuff around in their photoshop document from the last poster they released. Only Cap is different. They probably did already, but the graphic designers should go look at previous comic covers. Just to get a clue. Or at least some marvel cards.

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