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The Walking Dead: “Beside The Dying Fire” Season Finale Sneak Peek

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We’re really heading into the end of season two? TWD has been awesome this year. Please shut up about how long the first part of the season was. It’s called character development, and it’s required. News flash: The Walking Dead isn’t about doing nothing but shooting zombies 24/7. Season two has been pure gold to me. 12 episodes have never raced by so quickly. Well, maybe American Horror Story.

As a fan of both the comic and the show, I often forget where we are during the show. If you’re one of the 10 million people asking how Shane became a zombie to start with…


There is no active T-Virus, no Trioxin 245, nothing like that is going on…that we know of. When you die in The Walking Dead, you will become a zombie, unless there was some trauma to your brain before you died. High blood sugar killed you? Bam, you’re a zombie. Cut a finger off and got a lethal infection? Bam, zombie. Bleed to death? Zombie. And so on. The mere act of dying will make you a zombie. In the comic it took Shane getting to his grave before he turned, Carl still stepped in and did what was required, it just took longer.

So what will episode 13, Beside the Dying Fire, bring us? I’m guessing we’ll find out what the scientist told Rick, there might be a change of location in the finale, (prison is never fun) and based on the last two tense as hell episodes; anything goes. No one is safe in TWD, and we’ll sit through this white-knuckled as usual.

The Walking Dead season two finale takes place on Sunday, March 18th at 9pm EST.

Enjoy the clip.

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3 Comments on The Walking Dead: “Beside The Dying Fire” Season Finale Sneak Peek

  1. Great episode. Crazy, crazy, crazy!! I can’t wait for the finale, but at the same time, then I will be stuck waiting on 2 amazing shows to return.

    P.S. I have always disliked Lori, but now I officially hate her.

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