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4 Comments on Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Dokken “Dream Warriors”

  1. Best music video ever! 🙂

  2. Awesome blog – I’m here because the equally splendid Geek Soul Brother sent me your way.

    And to think, I thought that most folks had forgotten about Dokken, the twiddly guitar genius of George Lynch and 80’s music videos with bits of dialogue in them.

    Ah, happy days…

    • Thanks so much, man. I appreciate GSB a lot. Thanks for following. Anyone friends with him can call me Nate. 😉

      Forgot about Dokken? No way. They (like so many others) helped form my love of old school metal, cheesy or not. Lynch was so much better than your run of the mill 80’s guitarists. And those videos…so awesome.

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